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September 2020 – Tealinc Touchbase Tidbits 

  • Railing On…with Darell Luther
  • Surface Transportation Board Announces a New Adopted Rule
  • Railroad Earnings
  • Rail Traffic Data
  • Tealinc Railcars (view inventory) and Rolling Stock Management Services

August 2020 – Tealinc Touchbase Tidbits 

  • Railing On…with Darell Luther
  • Railcar Supply
  • Ocean Freight
  • Steel Industry
  • Grain Transport Costs
  • Available Railcars- Yes, we have cars!
  • AAR Interchange Life
  • Tealinc Updates-Yvonne Lufborough joins the team!

July 2020 – Current Trend of Auto Industry is Down 

  • Darell Luther Provides Insight
  • Railcar Inspection Steps with Shannon Rodgers
  • Railroad & Policy Updates
  • Railroad Traffic
  • Half a Million Railcars in Storage
  • Private Empty Car Storage Charges
  • Independence Day
  • Tealinc Railcar Inventory
  • Financial Focus- Federal Reserve has been active
  • Our Annual Scholarship Recipients Have Been Selected! Check out the winners!

June 2020 – Tealinc Touchbase Tidbits 

  • Railing On…with Darell Luther
  • Electricity Update
  • Bakken Gas Supplies
  • STB Demurrage Rules
  • USDA Grain Report
  • AAR Rail Carloads
  • Tealinc Updates

May 2020 – April Oil Futures Trading Below $0.00/barrel 

April 2020 – Crude Oil Prices Dropped Through the Floor 

  • Darell Luther Provides Insight on Rail Industry Times
  • Rail Fleet Management with Shannon Rodgers
  • Tealinc Equipment – Check out our current listings
  • Financial Focus
  • Railroad Policy & Updates

March 2020 – Tealinc Touchbase Clips

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Coronavirus and It’s Impact on The Supply Chain
  • General Rumblings
  • AAR Update

February 2020 – Tealinc Touchbase Clips

  • Surface Transportation Board-Simplified Standards for Rail Rate Cases
  • Railcar Interchange Life
  • General Rumblings
  • AAR Update
  • Corn Growers
  • A little Sweetener
  • AAR Numbers
  • Tealinc Scholarship- Deadline April 1, 2020
  • Tealinc Railcars for Sale or Lease

January 2020 – Rail Freight- The Current Situation and The Focus on The Future

  • Darell Luther Provides Insight
  • Introduction to Train Wheel Sets
  • Explore Our Railcar Inventory
  • 2020 Projections and Issues
  • Railroad Traffic- Downward Trends Continue
  • Federal Reserve- US Economy Started 2020 in a Good Place
  • Demurrage- The Saga Continues

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