2016 Tealinc Newsletter

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December 2016 – Moody’s Boosts North American Coal Industry Outlook

    • See You in Chicago (MARS!)
    • The UP Will Increase Rates For Empty Private Equipment 5% In January 2017
    • Control Your Biggest Railcar Maintenance Expense
    • U.S. Carload Traffic Down 5.1% From October 2015
    • November Bureau of Labor Statistics Report Data Boosts Case For A Federal Funds Rate Hike

November 2016 – Iron Ore Hoisted on Coat-Tails of Coal’s Record Rally in China

    • Does Your Railcar Maintenance Strategy Include Audit, Inspection and Visit to Repair Shops?
    • Carload Traffic Down 5.4 Percent for September 2016
    • Fed Holds Rates, Says It’s Waiting for ‘Some Further Evidence’ Before Hiking Again

October 2016 – U.S. Plastic Industry Maintains Trade Surplus

    • CSX: Accelerated Phase-Out of Both Jacketed and Unjacketed Legacy DOT-111 Tank Cars
    • Inspect Locomotive Sanders Daily
    • Divided Fed Holds Fire, Signals 2016 Rate Increase Still Likely
    • Experiencing Pushback on Private Car OT-5 and Mechanical Requirements? A History of Railroads Towards Private Railcars and Then Pushback During times of Economic Difficulties

September 2016 – Expected Near-Record Grain Crop Raises Concerns About a Bottleneck Among Farmers and Grain Companies Transporting in Canada

    • Tealinc to Attend NEARS Conference in September
    • Borrowing (Theft) of Railcar Parts
    • AAR: Total July Carloads Decline 8.8% Led By Coal at 17.5% and Petroleum at 22%
    • Yellen: ‘Case Has Strengthened’ For Increase In Federal Funds Rate

August 2016 – U.S. Oil Boom Isn’t Dead. It’s Plotting a 2017 Comeback 

    • Tealinc to Attend NEARS Conference in September
    • AAR Field Manual – Rule 115 “Damaged and Defective Car Tracking (DDCT)” in a Nutshell
    • June 2016 Carload Traffic Down 7% From June 2015
    • How Strong Jobs Growth Affects the Fed’s Plan to Rise Rates

July 2016 – Grain Prices Rebounded After the U.S. Said Its Corn Stock Would Not Rise Nearly as Much as Investors Expected  

    • Freight Car Demand Significantly Weakened
    • AAR Field Manual – Rule 1 “Disposition” Explained
    • Carload Traffic Down 10.3% in May
    • Brexit, The Fed, and Interest Rates: Time to Change Strategies

June 2016 – USGS: Construction Aggregates Production Increases

    • Investing in Your Future? Don’t Forget the Track!
    • Freight Carload Traffic Down 16.1 Percent In April 2016
    • Yellen: Rate Hike Probably Appropriate In The Coming Months
    • The Edge: “It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times…”

May 2016 – U.S. Ports to Spend $155 Billion on Capital Projects Through 2020

    • Scholarship Recipients Announced!
    • Railcar Valuation: Don’t Forget Additions & Betterments
    • U.S. Carload Traffic for March 2016 Down 14.2 Percent
    • Early Warning Signs of Recession Flash Faintly in U.S. Jobs Data

April 2016 – Why This Wheat Cargo Symbolizes Waning U.S. Market Dominance

    • Steve Christian “Words of Wisdom Before Upgrading Your Fleet”
    • U.S. Carload Traffic Up 0.5% in February; Coal Carloads Remain Troubling While Intermodal is Doing Well
    • Global Fears Are Creeping Up on the Federal Reserve

March 2016 – Latest Trade Figures Out Of China Depict A Dreary Start To The Year

    • Steve Christian Relocates To Colorado; Becomes Manager Value Creation – Operations
    • CSX Streamlining Mechanical Operations
    • Choosing A Locomotive Maintenance / Repair Provider
    • The Next Recession Could Be Around The Corner And The Fed Isn’t Ready For It

 February 2016 – China’s New Economy Seen as Steel Output Falls Most in 6 Years

    • Lessons After 48 Years in The Railroad Industry: When it Comes to Railcar Design, Being a Trailblazer Can Be Problematic
    • U.S. Weekly Rail Traffic Drops 10.5 Percent
    • A January Pause, But Fed Affirms Plan For Gradual Rate Increases

January 2016 – U.S. Auto Sales in 2015 Set Record

    • Now Accepting Applications For Tealinc 2016 Scholarship
    • UP Announces Demurrage & Storage Policy Changes
    • Reflectorization Part II: FRA Grants Waiver & Extends Renewal Period
    • What Still Scares The Federal Reserve?