2015 Touchbase Newsletter

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December 2015 – Steel Has a New Frenemy

  • Obama Signs Into Law The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act
  • 286k GWR Standards Explained: The Difference Between S-259 and S-286
  • U.S. Rail Carload Traffic Down 10.4 Percent November 2015
  • Finally! Fed Raises Interest Rates (First Time Since 2006)

November 2015 – Crude Oil Supplies Are Enormous; Huge Inventories Weigh on Price

  • Short Line Railroad Rehabilitation Investment Act: “…Investments Will Allow Short Lines to Continue to Grow”
  • Reflectorization Update – Initial Application Required by November 28, 2015
  • Fed Too Spooked to Hike Rates
  • Anticipated 2016 Key Indicators

October 2015 – Big Carry-Outs as Farmers Head Into New Crop Season

  • Don’t Rely on Luck: Protect Your Locomotive Investment
  • AAR: “August Had Essentially the Same Rail Traffic Pattern as the Previous Few Months”
  • Fed Holds Rates Unchanged Amid Low Inflation, Financial Tumult

September 2015 – Crude Costs Affecting East Coast Refiners During a Global Slump in Oil Prices

  • CP Set For Superior Grain Service
  • Good Counsel: Learn From The Experience of Others!
  • AAR Reports Slight Drop in July Rail Traffic
  • Maybe a Reconsideration of the Railroads “Trading Freight” Time Has Come?

August 2015 – U.S. 2015 Coal Production at Lowest Level Since 1987

  • FRA Issues Rule Preventing Unattended Trains Carrying Flammables From Rolling Away
  • Reflectorization Deadline Looming – Non-Compliant Cars To Be Restricted In Interchange
  • Carload Traffic Down June 2015, “Not Necessarily Reflective of Weakness In Broader Economy”
  • Yellen Still Thinks Fed Will Raise Rates This Year

July 2015 – U.S. East Coast Ports Could Gain 10% Additional Share Following Panama Canal Expansion

  • Julie Mink Promoted to President of Tealinc, Ltd.
  • AAR: U.S. Rail Traffic Numbers Reflect ‘Mixed Signals’ So Far in 2015
  • Analyze Your Industry Track Configuration
  • Fed: No Rate Hike in June, But More Hints for September

June 2015 – Housing Starts Jump to Highest Level Since 2007

  • Tealinc Welcomes Theo Mink – Railcar Performance Assistant
  • Understand Railinc OT-5 To Ensure Your Private Fleet is in Compliance
  • Get To Know Your Local Trainmaster
  • AAR Reports Carload Decline for April 2015

May 2015 – Lower Oil Prices Send Mixed Signals to Frac Sand Producers

  • A Conversation Between a Lessee and a Lessor
  • Scholarship Recipients Announced
  • Running Repair Agents: Scrutinize Your Repair Bills
  • Fed Rate Hike: Speed and Size Matter More Than Start Date

April 2015- Outlook for the U.S. Steel Industry Gets Gloomier

  • STB Reauthorization Bill Would Change Freight-Rail Policies
  • Choosing the Right Railcar Repair Shop
  • Fed Watching Recent Weakness; Rate-Hike Timing Unclear

March 2015 – Canada – U.S. Grain Sales Drop 35% As Trains Go East – West

  • BNSF Revamps Service With 9% Fewer Cars
  • Steve’s Advice: Railcar Maintenance on Shortlines
  • Good News: Unemployment Lowest Level in 7 Years

February 2015 – Crop and Livestock Price Prospects for 2015

  • AAR Report: Freight Rail “Will Carry the Economy”
  • Open Top Hopper Shakers: Manage the Damaging Factors
  • The New (Grim) Global Context

January 2015 – What To Expect From The Housing Market In 2015

  • Now Accepting Applications For Tealinc 2015 Scholarship
  • Winter Switching Safety
  • U.S. Dollar Surges Leaving Euro In The Dust