2014 Touchbase Newsletter

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December 2014 –  Plunging Oil Takes Ruble With It

  • Union Pacific Charges For Certain Empty Private Tank Car Movement
  • Winter Planning “Plan For The Worst And Hope For The Best”
  • Fed Official: Dreary Days For U.S. Economy May Be Over

November 2014 –  U.S. Steel Imports Climb Month-Over-Month In September 2014

  • Union Pacific Releases Metals Announcement Regarding Safety of Loading Scrap Steel
  • Safe Railcar Movement (Part Two)
  • U.S. Economy Chugging Along At 3.5% Growth

October 2014 –  Chinese Steel and Iron Ore Are Jump on Rebound Relief

  • AAR Raises Concerns About STB Re-Authorization Bill
  • AAR Field Manual Rule 88.B.2 Explained
  • Fed Keep “Considerable Time” Pledge As Growth ‘Moderate’

September 2014 – Could Additional Russia Sanctions Hit U.S. Oil Industry Suppliers?

  • FRA Issues Final Rule On PTC Implementation
  • Ask For Shop Facility Credentials Before You Agree To Do Business With Them
  • ‘Is It Safe To Hire?’ Business Owners Don’t Trust Recovery

August 2014 – Public Backlash As Demand For Frac-sand Soars

  • Why Propose Rule To Increase Freight rail Competition Would Hurt Railroad and Customers
  • Understanding Rule 88: It’s More Complicated Than Most Think
  • Economists Say Inflation Fears Overblown

July 2014 – Recovery Is Close For Steel Industry

  • STB To Class I’s: File Grain Order Plans
  • History Is The Best Teacher
  • 3 Reason Not To Freak Out About- 2.9% GDP

June 2014 – Home-Price Growth Slows In Many Metro Area During First Quarter

  • Transportation Service Index Made Strides In March
  • Manage Your Railcar Maintenance
  • Economists See Wages Climbing In 2014

May 2014 – Overbooked China Diverts Soybean Shipments To The U.S.

  • Tealinc Announces 2014 Scholarship Winners!
  • Plain Friction Bearings to Roller Bearings: How The Rail Industry Has Evolved!
  • U.S. Economy Slows to Stall-Speed

April  2014 – USDA: Fewer Acres Of Corn But Potential For Record Crop

  • Railroads, Shippers Size Up Competitive Switching Proposal At STB Hearing
  • Railcar Marking/Remarking
  • Fed Moves Economic Goalposts

March 2014 – The Quiet American Propane Crisis

  • Tealinc 2014 Scholarship Deadline Is Approaching!
  • Getting Your Locomotive Ready For Winter
  • Raising Minimum Wage Would Ease Poverty But Cost Some Jobs

February 2014 – U.S. Housing Starts Maintain Strong Pace in December 2013

  • Now Accepting Applications for Tealinc 2014 Scholarship
  • On-The-Job Training: Limited Resources Do Not Mean Effective Training Can’t Be Accomplished
  • AAR Reports Increased Traffic For January 2014

January 2014 – U.S. Aggregates Production Rises in Q3 2013

  • Crude-By- Rail Test Results Expected In Weeks, U.S. Regulator Says
  • Railcar Modification Project Success
  • U.S. Economy Growth Revised Higher, Economy On Firmer Footing