2013 Touchbase Newsletter

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December 2013 – The Downside To Cheaper Gas

  • AAR to FRA: Freight Railroads Are Taking Steps To Improve Haz-Mat Safety
  • Locomotive Pilot Plates: Necessary Protective Element To Any Locomotive
  • US Trade, Labor Data Underscore Sluggish Economy

November 2013 – Housing Predicted To Lead Construction Growth In 2014

  • Regulation: Canada Issues Order Requiring Crude Classification Test; STB Postpones Hearing On Switching Petition
  • Make Sure Your Employees Are Trained For Every Operation
  • Fitch puts U.S. On Credit Downgrade Watch

October 2013 – USDA Projects Record Corn Crop

  • STB Adopts New Rules On Transactions Involving Interchange Agreements
  • Railcar Modification – How To Perform It Legally
  • Get Used To Low Rates ‘For Decades’

September 2013 – U.S. Oil Reserves Post Record Gain

  • U.S. Regulators Reviewing Crude-By-Rail
  • Automated Air Brake Testing
  • Emerging Market Woes: Contained Or Contagion?

August 2013 – Industrial Output In U.S. Rises By Most In Four Months

  • Proper Plant Switching Of Railcars Dictates The Long Term Health And Value Of Your Fleet
  • AAR Reports Record Intermodal, Lower Carload Rail Traffic For June 2013
  • Fed Officials Signal Tapering Is Possible At September Meeting

July 2013 – Builders Say Housing Is Back

  • Demurrage And Storage Policy Change On BNSF
  • Basic Locomotive Safety Measures
  • 2014: When The Economy Finally Takes Off

June 2013 – North American Crude Oil Production Sends Supply Shockwave Through Worldwide Market, IEA says

  • CSX Announces Compliance Requirements With U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP)
  • STB Establishes New Arbitration Program To Help Resolve Railroad/ Shipper Disputes
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Warns Against Hitting The Brakes Too Soon

May 2013 – Primary and Secondary Nonferrous Metals: A Soft Patch

  • Tealinc Announces Scholarship Winners!
  • AAR: Railroads Eye Future Panama Canal Traffic
  • U.S. Economy Sees Broad Growth

April 2013 – Value of Agriculture Exports At Viginia Port Reached Record Level In 2012 

  • Keep Railroads FREE To Keep The Economy Moving
  • AAR Pans STB Review Of Coal Rail Rates
  • White House: Housing Market Is Bouncing Back

March 2013 – BNSF to Test Fueling Locomotives with Natural Gas

  • Scholarship Application Deadline Is Fast Approaching!
  • AAR Reports Mixed Traffic Results For February 2013
  • Sturdy Job Gains Offer Bright Sign For Economy

February 2013 – Nonferrous Metals Show Resiliency in January

  • Submit Your 2013 Scholarship Application Today!
  • U.S. DOT Secretary LaHood Announces He’s Leaving Administration
  • Federal Reserve Blames Stalled Economy on Weather

January 2013 – New 5 Year Outlook: Supply and Demand Conditions in Wood Products Outlook Shows That Conditions in Wood Products For the Long-Awaited ‘Super-Cycle’ Are Taking Hold; Full Impact 3+ Years Away

  • UP Says Industry Track Agreements Are Necessary To Ensure That Ownership, Maintenance, And Other Responsibilities Are Clearly Defined
  • Impact Switching:  The Costs Are Monumental
  • US Economy Out Of The Slow Lane But Can’t Find The Fast One