2012 Touchbase Newsletter

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December2012 – Construction Will Edge Up 6 Percent In 2013; Uncertainty Remains

  • Economic Planning Associates Predict Freight Car Delivery Down 15% in 2013; Rebound in 2014
  • Mechanical Brief: Locomotive Wheel Maintenance
  • The Economy: What To Expect In 2013

November 2012 – Global Demand For Steel Expected to Slow In 2013 Due to Weaker Consumption in China

  • Mechanical Brief: “If You Move Rail Equipment With Any Regularity, You Will Have A Derailment”
  • KCS Announces Reduced Forces in Observation of Thanksgiving
  • Feds Pledge to Maintain Stimulus in Last Meeting Before Presidential Election; Unemployment Remains High

October 2012- Second Quarter Aggregate Production Up Considerably; Cement Consumption Expected To Exceed Earlier Expectations

  • U.S. Rail Freight Traffic For The Year Down 2.4 Percent From the Same Point Last Year; Trailers and Containers Up 3.7 Percent
  • Whether You’re Inspecting Cars to Buy, Lease or Completing a Routine Inspection, Here Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind
  • Federal Reserve: “We Expect Inflation To Remain Low For The Foreseeable Future”

September 2012-Considerable Uncertainty Exists Regarding The Size of the Economically Recoverable U.S. Shale Gas Resource Base and The Cost of Producing Those Resources

  • North American Railroads Brace for Limited Increases in Pre-Holiday Shipments; Weak Consumer Sentiment Exacerbates Shrinking Corn and Coal Loads
  • Mechanical Brief: There Is No Substitute For Experience
  • Federal Reserve Chairman: Central Bank Plans to Respond Forcefully to The Nation’s Sluggish Recovery

August 2012: Drought May Cost Billions in U.S. Food Exports; Worldwide Food Supplies Not Disrupted

  • Tealinc President Darell Luther Becomes Featured Columnist in National Publication
  • Audit Your Monthly Billing Repair Cards
  • Railcar Demand That’s Strengthened The Past Two Years Will “Pause” For The Next 18 Months, Then Rebound in 2014
  • Fed Stands Pat As Economy ‘Decelerates’

July2012 – Positive Housing Market Indicators Outnumbered Bad Ones in June 2012

  • STB Board to Hold Hearing on Proposed Mediation and Arbitration Rules
  • Replacement of Brake Shoes Can Also Serve As An Indicator of Other Problems: Worn Out Brake Beam Extensions, Worn Out Brake Beam Liners, Loose Brake Beam Heads
  • Federal Reserve Acts to Revive Ailing Recovery

June 2012 – April Construction Starts Rise Eleven Percent Nationwide

  • AAR Proposed Change Could Make Cars Built After July 1, 1968 Eligibile For Extended Life Status
  • Educate Personnel on Correct Operating Procedures and Severely Treat Noncompliance
  • Feeble U.S. Job Growth Stokes Fears of Global Slowdown

May 2012 – U.S. Natural Gas Prices Near Ten Year Low; Coal Carloadings Lowest Since 1994

  • Tealinc Launches New Website; Announces Scholarship Recipients
  • BNSF Reminds Customers of Barrier Seal Requirements
  • Watch out! Is the Fed pushing us into another bubble?

April 2012 – U.S. Containerized Exports Reach Record High, Up 6 Percent In 2011

  • Size of Rail Equipment Fleet Grew 0.1 Percent in Fourth Quarter of 2011
  • Inspections and Preventative Maintenance Programs Work
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Tells ABC Economic Recovery Has ‘Long Way To Go’

March 2012 – Amid Economic Recovery, Rising Demand From Steel Users Supplies Grow

  • AAR Announces Record Investment for 2012
  • Railroad Damage on Plant Property: Procedure for Documenting Damage Done on Plant Property
  • The Railroads Coal Transportation Dilemma

February 2012 – Relief in U.S. Food Prices Seen as Crop Supplies Grow

  • Now Accepting Scholarship Applications!
  • Key to Safety First Program on Railroads is Use of “Blue Signals” to Protect Employees Working on or Near Any Rolling Stock
  • Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Dropped in January; Forecasts That The U.S. Economy Will Cool After Expanding at The Fastest Pace Since The Second Quarter 2010

January 2012 – Shale Gas Has Potential To Spark U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance

  • AAR Reports Gains For 2011 Annual Rail Traffic
  • Handbrake Procedures: Proper Operation of Railcar Componentry Will Aide In Equipment Safety
  • Federal Fund Rate Likely To Remain Low Through At Least mid-2013