2010 Touchbase Newsletter Archive

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December 2010 – EIA Estimates That the World Coal Consumption Will Rebound, Returning to its Pre-Recession Level By 2013

  • Some Bulk Rail Cargoes Gain Despite Holiday
  • AAR Says 20.8 Percent of the Total Railcar Fleet in the U.S. and Canada Was In Storage as of November 1, Down From 21.6 Percent A Month Earlier
  • Economists Say There Is Potential For A New Global Economic Meltdown

November 2010 – America’s Regional and Short Line Railroads Set Back-to-Back 2010 Volume Peaks

  • AAR and TTCI Announce Establishment of Research Advisory Board
  • Chemical Demand Suggests Renewed Demand from the Factory Sector for Raw Materials
  • Consumer Imports Drive the Annual Peak Season for Containerized Imports, Which Carriers Say is Beginning to Wane after Peaking in August 2010

October 2010 – The Winds Off The Atlantic Ocean Could Become A Cost-Effective Way To Power Much Of The East Coast

  • August 2010 Average Weekly Carloads Highest Since November 2008
  • Freight Carriers Balk At Sharing Tracks With The Faster Passenger Service
  • CSX Recognized As A Top 10 Company In The S&P 500 On Both The Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index And The Carbon Performance Leadership Index

September 2010 – Russia’s Ban on Exports of Grain Lifts U.S. Prices

  • BNSF Introduces New Shipping Instructions Modifications Tool
  • AAR Reports Weekly Rail Intermodal Volume Sets New 2010 Record
  • Growing Concern That The Economy Is At Risk of Falling Into A So-Called Double-Dip Recession

August 2010 – Ethanol Industry Scrambles To Keep Incentives

  • Union Pacific ‘Building America’
  • AAR Debuts Interactive Rail Map
  • Federal Reserve Has Become More Pessimistic About The Economy

July 2010 – Grains Exports Could Be Harmed By Gulf Oil Spill

  • GE’s Announces Breakthrough Software Geared Towards Improving Railroad Capacity And Reliability While Reducing Transportation Costs
  • AAR – Straight Plate Wheels Condemnable At Any Time Effective July 1, 2010
  • The Fed’s April Meeting Suggests Economic Recovery Is Proceeding And The Labor Market Is Improving Gradually

June 2010 – Corn Prices Rise On Speculation That China Will Buy More U.S. Grain

  • Unit Train Aggregate Shipments Price Adjustments Will Become Effective July 1, 2010
  • AAR Report: Traffic Growth Continues
  • Feds Expect Economy To Keep Improving

May 2010 – ACRE Program Could Pay Big for Kentucky Wheat Farmers

  • Norfolk Southern ‘Convinced’ US Recovery is Underway
  • AAR Reports Broad Gains in Weekly U.S. Rail Freight Traffic
  • Economic Conditions Are Likely “to Warrant Exceptionally Low Levels of the Federal Funds Rate For an Extended Period”

April 2010 – January New Home Sales And Permits Fall, Starts Rise

  • Effective April 1, 2010 CSX Fuel Surcharge Will Decrease
  • 2009 Safest Year Ever For Nation’s Freight Railroads
  • Bernanke: Economy Not Out Of The Woods Yet

March 2010 – Future Holds Great Things For Both Railroads And Crosstie Suppliers

  • Effective March 1, 2010 CSX Fuel Surcharge Will Increase
  • Railroad Industry Weathers Recession; Faces Serious Policy Challenges
  • Bernanke Lays Out Plan For Tighter Money

February 2010 – Cement Industry Poised For Unprecedented Period Of Growth

  • Short-line Carloads Tumble 25 Percent in 2009, RMI Says
  • AAR Reports 2009 Carload Traffic At Lowest Level Since 1988
  • U.S. Federal Reserve Says Interest Rates Will Remain Near Zero “For An Extended Period”

January 2010 – Federal Investments in Highways and Transit Systems Are Expected To Decline By More Than $15 Billion In 2010

  • BNSF Postponing Fuel Surcharge Increase
  • Federal Railroad Administration Report Shows Significant Fuel Savings Shipping Freight By Rail Versus Truc
  • Federal Reserve Rate Hike Unlikely Until 2011