2009 Touchbase Newsletter Archive

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December 2009- Mining Equipment: Out Of The Pits and Set To Rise As Demands Increase

  • CSX Fuel Surcharge Will Increase December 1, 2009
  • AAR Reports Freight Traffic Reached Its Highest Level In 2009 During The Week Ending November 21, 2009
  • Federal Chairman Bernanke Predicts Weak Economic Recovery Ahead

November 2009- Where Does The Coal Industry Head From Here?

  • NS Offers “Railcar Event-Text Message Alerts”
  • AAR Announces Paperless Billing System
  • FOMC Says “Recession Is Over”

October 2009- World Crude Steel Production Continues To Show A Steady Increase

  • CSX Announces Fuel Surcharge Increase Effective October 1, 2009
  • OneRail Coalition Urges Increased Financial Support For Railroad Investment
  • Central Bank Leaves Rates Near Zero; Says Economy Is Showing Signs Of Improvement And Inflation Remains Subdued

September 2009- What Does High Speed Rail Mean To Freight Shippers, Railroads, And Freight Car Owners?

  • Norfolk Southern Returning Stored Cars And Power To Service
  • Railinc Announces Long Anticipated Deployment Of Their New Umler System
  • Economy Beginning To Show Signs of Improvement; Recovery Will Be Gradual

August 2009- Higher Corn Prices From U.S. Ethanol Production Accounted For 10 Percent to 15 Percent of Increase in Food Prices In Freight Demand

  • For The First Six Months of 2009, Total U.S. Rail Carloadings Were Down 19.5 Percent
  • Railinc Postpones New Umler System Launch Until August 31, 2009
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Says Economy Has Started to Show Signs of Stabilization Although Improvement is Uncertain

July 2009- Study Shows Class I Railroads Need $135 Billion To Keep Pace With Economic Growth And Meet Forecast Growth In Freight Demand

  • United States Coal Exports Are Showing “Signs Of Life,” Though The United States
  • Feds Hold Rates Steady; Sees Signs of Recession Ending
  • May Marked The Second Straight Month In Which U.S. Rail Coal Carloadings Had Double-digit Declines, A Consequence Of Lower Electricity Demand And Higher Coal Stockpiles

June 2009 – Corn Prices Moved Higher In Recent Weeks – Both On The Futures And Cash Basis

  • CSXI, UP To Increase Fuel Surcharge; NS To Remain Unchanged
  • America’s Freight Railroads In 2008 Invested A Record $10 billion In Capital Projects
  • Federal Reserve Chief Says ‘Tentative Signs’ Indicate The Economy’s Slide Is Slowing

May 2009 – Government Report Shows New Home Construction Declined Nearly 11 Percent In April 2009

  • CSXT Fuel Surcharge To Decrease 3 Percent May 1, 2009
  • New UMLER State-Of-The-Art Technology Set To Launch July 25, 2009
  • Chairman Ben Bernanke And Central Bank Keep Rates Steady Near Zero Percent

April 2009 – U.S. Scrap Market Continues To Erode

  • CSXI President Applauds New Rail-Truck Opportunities
  • DOT Estimates Freight Trans. Demand Will Skyrocket In Coming Years – Encourages Public-Private Partnership Projects
  • Possibility That The U.S. Economy Could Be Out Of The Recession Later This Year, Period of Growth In 2010

March 2009 – Hard Times Hit Ethanol Sector; Short Term Distress Expected To Give Way To Economic Prosperity

  • Class I’s Continue To Slash Monthly Fuel Surcharges
  • Rail Traffic Down Sharply In January
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke Says Economic Recovery Will Take More Than Two or Three Years

February 2009 – Current Sharp Contraction In Steel Demand Expected To Continue Through First Half of 2009

  • Infrastructure Tax Legislation Would Trigger More Rail Capacity
  • 2008 U.S. Rail Freight Traffic Fourth-Highest in History; Down Sharply In Fourth Quarter
  • Industrial Production, Housing Starts and Employment Have Declined, Consumers and Businesses Cut Spending: Global Demand Slowing Significantly

January 2009 – Projections show that U.S. Coal Production and Exports Should Fall In 2009 as Global Demand Ebbs

  • Class I Railroads Said To Be Well Positioned Financially To Confront The Challenges of A Recessionary Economic Period
  • Effective January 1, OT-5 Applications Must Be Submitted Through The Railinc Website
  • Federal Reserve Expects to Keep Rates Near Unprecedented Low Level For Some Time To Come